Sunday, April 4, 2010

People who don't tip

People who don’t tip are disgusting, pathetic, maggots who deserve nothing but the worst in the short and disgraceful life they will hopefully live. I drive my personal car to the ends of the earth for these shit-bags, using gasoline that I pay for and they have the audacity to not tip me. I hate them. I refuse to fake a smile and pretend it’s OK. It’s not.

I got a call from one of these primitive, un-evolved, fuckheads the other day and I wanted to stick my asshole through the phone and shit in her mouth. The ugly, bad-breathed whore was paying with a credit card so I took her information. At the end of the call, I informed her of the total and asked: “Would you like to add a tip for the driver?”

Ugly Disgrace: “No.”

NO? You disgust me. You are the lowest form of life in existence. A piece of dog shit being eaten by a diseased fly has more relevance than your entire family. I hate you.

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  1. You have some pretty definite ideas on tipping -- that's cool.

    Does every profession deserve tipping?

    Or just those in the service industry?

    For example: I'm a teacher, living in Canada, paid by the government, teaching in a public school. The money and benefits are excellent, and not anything I'd want modified or added to.

    Just because I work hard and put a lot of effort into each student's learning, doesn't mean I'd expect a tip. I use my own money to buy supplies and such, when budget isn't enough.

    What kind of worker-consumer relationships warrant tipping? Or: when are wages not enough?

    Second example: all the wall street types who got some fairly ridiculous tips/bonuses last year (and most years) for doing not necessarily the best for all concerned -- they obviously don't "deserve" anything more than their wages. But under the best circumstances (ex. doing the best work for all involved) would they truly warrant a tip?

    Third example: the person who cuts my hair charges me X dollars for a cut and that's that. In some other circles that would be considered rude, as I didn't tip her. My logic: she earns good money from customers' payments; what does tipping accomplish if it's adding to an already respectable wage?

    Are private car drivers so poorly underpaid? Cause if so: man's that rough.